To qualify, anyone aspiring to study a Doctorate course in the chosen area of City, Territory and Sustainability must: 

  • Have a Masters degree in either Architecture, Urbanism, Sociology, Economy, Public Administration, Engineering, Geography, History or any other discipline that the Academic Jury may judge to be relevant.  
  • Be proficient in English or some other language distinct from one’s own first language.
  • Have experience in handling sources of information, data bases and computer technologies. 
  • Have the critical capacity for conducting analysis, producing frameworks of knowledge, taking part in the discussion of ideas, and writing one’s conclusions clearly.  
  • Have a clear vision of the conditions of the local and national contexts, and especially of the social problems linked to urban-territorial and environmental processes.  
  • Show a consistent wish to serve, in an ethical way, in the formulation of his or her plan for research, its contents and the application of the results.
  • Demonstrate proven experience of research in the LGAK of the Postgraduate Program through published essays and articles, monographs, books and participation in academic events.