The University Network started in Jalisco by the University of Guadalajara, has been the main driving force behind consolidating the creation of the program of the Doctorate in City, Territory and Sustainability. The collaborative effort of a large team of specialists and researchers at different Centers of the Network, and the invaluable support of the Consolidated Academic Group of the Center of Research into the Environment and Territorial Regulation (UDG-CA- 11) registered with the Department of Urban Planning at the University Center for Art, Architecture and Design (CUAAD), have improved the range of options available for quality postgraduate studies. Also, a significant number of academics from institutions in Mexico and abroad have contributed the fruits of their experience, skill and commitment over the years to speeding up the administrative processes of starting the program, while also strengthening the ties of an academic, inter-institutional and interdisciplinary kind necessary for a program such as this.

The Doctorate program is currently approved and registered with the National Postgraduate Register (PNP-CONACYT), which makes it necessary to meet increasingly ambitious expectations and fulfil top level requirements. Thus the Doctorate Program is presented today as a quality option for a PhD degree, to be awarded to those who have mastered the subject of urban-territorial studies and intervention, the development and the management of geographical space and urban dynamics, after following the course, which adopts an interdisciplinary and scientific focus, in the context of globalized processes of the Information society, and will help towards achieving a sustainable, humane and responsible future, through the creation of fresh and relevant knowledge, and the use of appropriate technologies.

Dra. María Teresa Pérez Bourzac