Doctorado Ciudad, Territorio y Sustentabilidad
Posgrado Consolidado - Sistema Nacional de Posgrados CONACYT



The Doctorate in City, Territory and Sustainability is a postgraduate course offered by the Academic Office of the University Center for Art, Architecture and Design (CUAAD), charged with the responsibility for sharing pioneering knowledge on how the city is constructed and the territory is occupied, and on the environment, in the framework of finding or creating theoretical and conceptual instruments as well as practical ones of intervention that will promote sustainable development and social equity as part of the complicated process of globalization. With this objective in mind, the Postgraduate Program encourages:

  • Combining research with teaching on the basis of the Guidelines for the Generation and Application of Knowledge (LGAC).  
  • Appointment to its teaching staff of academics belonging to national and international networks of excellence, who will incorporate outstanding students into their projects.  
  • Sharing the most important knowledge acquired, through the use of transformative research techniques, which includes the application of new Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs). 
  • An impact on society from the application of the research projects conducted by students and teachers on the program.



This year, 2021, the vision for the Doctorate in City, Territory and Sustainability is to gain international recognition within the National Program of Postgraduate Studies of Excellence CONACYT, and to continue our groundbreaking work with the development of research and on the basis of reflection, and analysis of the knowledge produced, with the support of a study group made up of researchers belonging to various research units of the University Network and other Higher Education Institutions.