The Doctorate in City, Territory and Sustainability is a postgraduate program of the Academic Co-ordination Office of the University Center for Art, Architecture and Design, of the University of Guadalajara, and is responsible for spreading fresh knowledge of processes of building the city, and their relation to and effects on the territory and the environment, in view of changes in the 21 st century in the world of what has been called a Society of Knowledge, and is recognized as such, and Globalization.

  • The program links research to teaching through having the support of the Lines of Generation and Application of Knowledge (LGAK) relative to the subject area it is developed in; these are in the research units belonging to the Department offering the program.
  • Among the teaching staff are members of national and international academic networks of excellence in their subject areas, and students whose work is outstanding.
  • The program also spreads knowledge of great importance through the use of transformative research techniques, such as New Information and Communications Technologies (NICTs).
  • The program has an impact on society through its research projects.


In the period 2011-2015, the program of the Doctorate in City, Territory and Sustainability:

  • Has proved to be a postgraduate course of excellence, accredited and recognized nationally and internationally, and is listed in the National Postgraduate Register.
  • Is an original program based on reflection on and analysis of knowledge, created and applied by an academic group formed of researchers belonging to the research units of the Department of Urban Planning of the CUAAD, as well as to others in the University Network (RED) and other institutions.
  • Has teaching staff linked to national and international networks of excellence in their subject areas.
  • Makes use of original techniques and working methods, supported by the know- how and application of New Information and Communications Technologies.
  • Links the up to date paradigms that power it, to factors and processes of social development, and the Public and Private Institutions that manage it.