The conditions for obtaining the degree of PhD, as well as meeting the requirements established in the University regulations, are these: 

  • The student must have gained all the Credits of Research Seminars and evaluations (150 Credits).
  • The defence of the Thesis for receiving the PhD degree will be conducted before a jury appointed by the Academic Council (formed of 5 members, 3 in-house teachers of the Program and 2 invited teachers), whose formation will be decided in accordance with what is established in Article 78 of the General Regulations of the University of Guadalajara.
  • To be awarded the degree, the student will have the time allowed in the General Regulation of the University of Guadalajara and only in exceptional cases such as those of illness or accident, or because of the proven value of the contents of the doctoral thesis and in view of the progress made with writing it, may the Academic Council request an extension of the period, of one year at the most.