The Program of the Doctorate in City, Territory and Sustainability has three lines of research:  

  1. Theory of the City and Sustainability.
  2. Planning, Territory and Sustainability.
  3. Territory and Urban Regions.

The modality of the Program is classroom-based, with an emphasis on research, and it has the following structure and units of learning: Minimum number of Credits to receive the degree of PhD: 150, as in the table below:  

Specialized Training (Research Seminars) 75 50%
Evaluation of Research Work (Evaluation Seminars) 30 20%
PhD Thesis 45 30%
Minimum number of Credits for applying for the degree 150 100%


The Study Plan for the Program of the Doctorate, in the Area of Specialized Training, has 15 Research Seminars with a total of 75 Credits (5 Credits per Seminar) and they are organized as follows:   

Research/Subject Seminars. Eight Seminars are given in the first year and seven in the second; at least four by visiting professors. Attending the Seminars is compulsory for students. The orientation of their work is helped by a Tutor, and by the Professors taking part in the Seminars, whose function is to nourish the researches of the students in terms of Methodology and Topic. Students will be working directly and interactively with the professor-researchers attached to the program and with national and international invited specialists.

The PhD students’ research projects and their progress are integrated on the basis of the three lines of research of the Program:  

  • Theory of the City and Sustainability.  
  • Planning, Territory and Sustainability.
  • Territory and Urban Regions.

Evaluation Seminars: These are held at the end of each of the first two years of the Doctorate Program, when students have to present a report on the progress of their research work during the year, before a jury of 5 members of whom 1 or 2 are not attached to the Program. To continue with work on the PhD thesis, the student must receive a qualifying mark. It is essential to receive a general average of at least 80 to stay in the Program.