The Doctorate in “City, Territory and Sustainability”, is an academic program at the University Center for Art, Architecture and Design of the University of Guadalajara. The program uses the system of credits and is focused on the development and training of teachers, researchers and professionals specializing in urban-territorial analysis, which will guarantee adequate urban planning and the creation of an environment in sustainable conditions as required by the world today. It is a Program of scholarised modalities centered on research, based on three lines of study:

  • Theory of the City and Sustainability.
  • Planning, Territory and Sustainability.
  • Territory and Urban Regions.

The Doctorate addresses areas of knowledge that are determining factors in urban- territorial spatial construction, in a dynamic of constant transformation and taking into account the various agents that intervene in these processes, from the public or from the private sector. The Course of Study of the Program responds to the need to equip qualified researchers for the management of the city, territorial regulation and sustainability, with the ability to handle the theoretical and scientific fundamentals of the processes and agents involved in territorial and urban development, so as to be able to balance the relation between anthropogenic and semi-natural systems. At the same time, to form teaching researchers with a commitment to society and the ability to design, organize and direct scientific research according to their level and area of specialization, and degree of responsibility, whether individually or by organizing working groups.

The Vision of Postgraduate Studies for 2013 is as follows: “Postgraduate studies have been continuous since the 1960s, co-ordinated originally by the School of Graduates as it was then known, steadily increasing in number and expanding more rapidly with the formation in 1994 of the University Network of the University of Guadalajara. Postgraduate studies at the University of Guadalajara develop under clear and precise policies and follow the General Postgraduate Regulations that establish the norms and respond to the requirements of each study program, as well as regulating the opening of new postgraduate programs, which makes an important contribution to their becoming consolidated. Programs operate efficiently on the basis of development plans, the product of intense collegiate efforts and analysis, in co-ordination with and complementing the institution’s lines of research. They are characterized by quality and relevance. Their results are widely published in this country and abroad”.

Actions taken by the University of Guadalajara to achieve the Vision of 2013, have followed guidelines approved by the Honorable General Council of the University in October 2005 set out in the Institutional Development Plan for 2030 through a set of policies, objectives and strategies, put into operation by the General Office of Academic Co-ordination through the Office for Research and Postgraduate Studies and also the corresponding offices of the University Centers of the University Network. The policies, objectives and institutional strategies for the postgraduate program are found both in the Institutional Development Plan, Vision for 2030 (PDI 2030), and in the guidelines approved by the HGCU in October 2005. Among the strategic lines of Research and Training and Teaching are found the following policies applicable to postgraduate studies:

  • To ensure the quality of educational programs in the Network.
  • To encourage research at all levels of education and link it to study plans and programs.
  • To work towards the professionalizing of the academic staff in order to reach national and international standards.
  • To promote a model of education focused on the student and centered on learning, supported by the best pedagogic practices and by information and communication technologies.
  • To stimulate mobility by students and professors among the organizations in the Network.
  • To attend to the demand for education in the regions of the state of Jalisco, through various modalities of education.
  • To educate students in a variety of intercultural and academic environments.

Affinity to the Strategic Lines of the University of Guadalajara.

  • Line of Educational Innovation: “To encourage quality postgraduate studies of different levels, types and modalities …”
  • Line of Research: “To encourage quality research …”, “promote the evaluation of research …”, “to encourage interdisciplinary participation of researchers in academic networks …”
  • Line of Internationalization: “To integrate the international, intercultural and global dimension in substantive functions …”
  • Line of Extension: “To recognize and spread knowledge of the cultural and natural heritage of the region, the country and the world as a basis for sustainable development …”, “support projects and programs that contribute to sustainable development and counter inequality, social exclusion and poverty in the state, the region and the country as well as encouraging an environmental culture …”

The professional activities and academic work of the teachers and researchers are linked to the three lines of research of the program: