Doctorado Ciudad, Territorio y Sustentabilidad
Posgrado Consolidado - Sistema Nacional de Posgrados CONACYT

The requirements for admission to the doctorate program, in addition to those established in the current university regulations are as follows: 


a)    Must have a degree in areas related to Architecture, Urban Studies, Sociology, Economics, Public Administration, Engineering, Geography, Anthropology or History. Applications by candidates from other disciplines will be subject to the consideration of the Academic Council.  

b)    Compulsory attendance at the Seminar on Studying for a Discipline preparatory course (SED). For students residing in the city of Guadalajara, the modality will be face-to-face and for students residing outside of it or for foreign applicants, the modality will be online.

c)    Will be interviewed by the Academic Council of the Program. 

d)    Present and pass a reading comprehension test of at least one foreign language.  

e)    Commitment to full time dedication to study.  

f)     Selected according to the criteria of evaluation of merit established by the Academic Council.  

g)    Research Project Proposal.

h)    Two recommendation letters from renowned researchers who are not members of the academic staff of the program.

i)    Curriculum vitae with supporting documents of the last 5 years.

j)    Those additional ones established by the call.