Architect and professional planner who has specialized in the preparation of Land Use Plans for municipalities in Puerto Rico. His passion for land use planning, city development and the understanding of municipal autonomy processes has led him to work in government agencies such as: the Department of Planning of the Municipality of Carolina and the Planning Board of the Government of Puerto Rich. For the space of eight years, he has elaborated territorial plans, strategic plans, area plans and general evaluations of territories. In addition, he has had experience in citizen participation processes as part of the Community Board of the Municipality of Trujillo Alto.

This work experience is complemented by his academic development, which is formed by a Doctorate in City, Territory and Sustainability from the University of Guadalajara, a Master's Degree in Architecture from the University of Puerto Rico and another Master's Degree in Finance from the Ana G. Mendez. His concern with understanding the field of construction and design has led him to take courses in real estate, permit management, and condominium management.

Other work experiences have focused on architectural design with the firm Arquitectura RD Olabarrieta and the evaluation of repossessed and insured structures with engineering firms. Finally, his commitment to planning has led him to write several articles in journals, publish his doctoral thesis, and give conference on these topics. On the other hand, he continues to be linked to the university environment as he is a reader of doctoral theses at the University of Guadalajara and participates in several congresses.

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