The fields of professional and academic interest of Florentino Camacho (1970) revolve around the reactivation of public space through immaterial interventions (artistic actions, sound, light, textures, aromas), thus betting on different resources that are closer to the sustainable and environmental design. Architect and MA from the University of Guadalajara, his approach to urban environments has theoretical support from his stay at the Research Center on Sound and Urban Space (CRESSON) in France. He has been granted a scholarship by the National Fund for Culture and Arts (FONCA) in the Young Creators program, in the areas of Architecture and Multimedia. He obtained first place in the Arpafil'97 architecture competition and was selected for the Architecture Biennial of the National Academy of Architecture, chapter Guadalajara 1995 and 2011. He participated as an academic at UdeG, ITESO and ESARQ.

Recents books by José Florentino

  • Percepción de ambientes arquitectónicos y urbanos

    María Luisa García Yerena (editor)

      Open Access

    Los textos que acoge este libro constituyen un esfuerzo para profundizar en el estudio del espacio, los ambientes y la manera en que sus cualidades modifican la percepción del paseante, el habitante o el espectador. Cada apartado contiene la visión particular que sobre el tema tiene un autor...

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