The characteristics of those who complete the course of the Doctorate in City, Territory and Sustainability, are these:  

  • The student must be able to manage the theoretical and methodological fundamentals of processes of the city, territory and sustainability; producing knowledge in his or her chosen subject area with a critical spirit. 
  • To be qualified the researcher must show he or she has command of his area of knowledge and a commitment to taking part in networks of academic and scientific collaboration.
  • He or she should have the capacity for intervening in the incorporation of strategies for sustainable development based on the quality of the environment. 
  • Students awarded the degree should have the capacity to co-ordinate multidisciplinary working groups, and a spirit of leadership willing to promote actions for improving the community, and to incorporate social participation into the process as a sign of ethical responsibility.
  • They should have the capacity for maintaining a critical and fresh view of all the processes involved and of their relevance, and also of centering the processes of planning for urban-territorial development and sustainability on the citizen.
  • They should have the capacity to join an academic group (association of researchers) for developing new teaching and research options in these areas.