Documents to hand in to the Academic Control Office

Coordinación de Control Escolar
Centro Universitario de Arte, Arquitectura y Diseño
Lic. Noemí Berenice Mosqueda Bautista / Unidad de Ingreso.
Ground Floor, South Wing.
Hours open: from Monday to Friday 10:00 to 14:00.

  • Original and recent copy of Birth Certificate (not more than six months old).
  • Receipt for registering on line at After making the payment it will be necessary to wait two working days, print the receipt for registering on line and present it to the Academic Control Office, at the first time applications window, where the photo for the candidate’s ID card will be taken (the appointment does not apply to postgraduate courses so it will not appear in the system).  
  • Original Certificate of Award or of receiving degree, and
  • Copy of the Award of Degree. (If this document is still lacking it must be obtained from the institution where the applicant studied as soon as possible.)   
  • Original certificate recording studies that shows the average mark obtained on previous courses (minimum average 80/100).  

For candidates with an average of between 78 and 80/100, according to the General Postgraduate Regulations of the University of Guadalajara in Article 50 (bis) it says that:  “In exceptional cases, following a request by the applicant and after hearing the opinion of the Academic Council, the Education Committee of the Council of the respective University Center or System will be able to override the requirement for an average mark foreseen in Fraction III of the previous Article, when it is justified by the academic or professional trajectory of the candidate, and/or by the needs of the University of Guadalajara for forming human resources”.  

NOTE 1: Candidates with an average of 78 to 80/100 should hand in an application form as a candidate, directed to the Academic Council and accompanied by a printed CV in free form, to the Office of the Doctorate to be approved as a candidate. Deadline: 6 May 2016.  

  • Original certificate of READING COMPREHENSION authorised by a recognised institution for at least one language apart from Spanish, or of Spanish in case the applicant’s first language is another; that is not more than two years old. Those candidates who do not have this document may apply for one at the Proulex Language Center of the University of   Guadalajara (Tomás V. Gómez 125, Col. Ladrón de Guevara. Tel. 3616-6881).


Foreign applicants and Mexicans with studies abroad.

Foreign applicants need to present a document that shows their legal status in the country. If accepted, they should request (within 90 days of the publication of their acceptance) the corresponding permission to study at this University, from the National Institute of Migration through its Local Office. Candidates may process this form through the office of the General Solicitor of the University of  Guadalajara with Lic. Luz Elena Argote (Av. Juárez 976, Piso 3. Telephone: (33) 3134 4661, 3134 4662, 3134 4663 ext. 11562). 

Certificates of studies obtained abroad should be certified by the Mexican Consulate in the original country and come with an "Apostille". Documents from a country where a language other than Spanish is spoken must come with an official translation and be accompanied by certificates showing a table of equivalences for qualifications, which may be requested from the Consulate in the country concerned. 

NOTE 2: All documents should meet the specific requirements on the web page:, and notice is drawn to Article 13 in the Second Chapter of the General Regulations for Admission of Students which states the following: “It will be understood that those candidates who do not conclude the administrative requirements in the times and dates established to that effect in the administrative requirements calendar renounce their right to compete for admission”. 


Documents to be handed in to the Office of the Doctorate

Coordinación del Doctorado Ciudad, Territorio y Sustentabilidad
Centro Universitario de Arte, Arquitectura y Diseño
Room 46 upper floor – North Wing 
Open: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00.
Telephone: 1202 3000, ext. 38686

The following documents should be handed in to the Office of the Doctorate by students from 23 May till 10 June 2016. Furthermore, the documents presented to the Office of Academic Control , will also be handed in in digital form (CD) to the Office of the Doctorate: 

  • Written presentation explaining motives in not more than three pages for wanting to be admitted to the Program.   
  • Commitment to full time dedication to study. (Download)
  • Two letters of recommendation from renowned researchers who do not belong to the Teaching Staff of the Program. (Download)
  • Curriculum vitae in free form with documents as proof showing the applicant’s experience of research in the previous 5 years.   
  • Hand in a printed copy of the Master’s thesis.  
  • Copy of official identification with photograph (IFE voting card, or Passport).
  • Original receipt for payment of SED (must be handed in by 20 June 2016). (Download)
  • Color photo right size for ID card.  
  • Usage license (ceding of rights) for publication of the research project to be developed during the doctorate, found on web page (Only for those who are admitted).  
  • Printed and digital versions of Research Project to be developed and completed in the course of the three years of study of the Program. It may be handed in during the SED preliminary course. It should have the following characteristics: 
    • Aspects of content: title, line of research of the Program to which the project subscribes, justification, statement of the problem, objectives and research questions, proposed methodology, texts consulted and suggested bibliography.  
    • Aspects of form: maximum length 15 pages, one space and a half between lines, Arial 12 type, vertical printing, bound, American letter sized paper, hand in a printed copy and a PDF file.  

NOTE 3: Candidates not living in Guadalajara may hand in these documents on the first day of the preliminary SED course (Monday 20 June 2016).